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Terms & Conditions

Axelrad Screenprinting and Embroidery, LLC owns and retains the rights to all screens, films, and separation files used in the production process.

Turnaround time:

Our Standard turnaround time is 10 days on all perfectly placed orders. Although we will always do our best to meet our customers’ in-hands dates, unexpected circumstances may cause changes in production schedules. A perfect order has been placed when: The Axelrad Contract Form has been filled out completely and Print-Ready/Vector-Based Artwork files have been sent attached to the purchase order. All perfectly placed orders will receive an acknowledgement notifying our customers that their order has been placed. Please note that we guarantee a 10 day production turnaround on all perfectly placed orders. We are normally faster than 10 days but we will not guarantee a deadline for any orders needed in less than that time frame without a Rush Charge. If we receive rush orders the rush orders will be placed in front of orders without rush charges. When you pay for a rush charge we are agreeing to a guaranteed completion date.

Artwork Requirements:

We will do our best to catch any and all errors with respect to the artwork files sent in. Please note if any errors need rectifying production dates may be affected. Issues with Artwork and/or Purchase Orders may cause delays in production (rush charges may apply).

Artwork requirements are the following:

• Acceptable File Formats: PDF, Ai, EPS.
• Artwork must be sized to the specifications that you would like it to print.
• Any and all text must be converted to outlines.

Please note that all Simulated Process orders have a minimum order quantity of 72 pieces and will be billed with a $30 Art Preparation Fee.

Pricing Changes:

In the screenprinting industry there are many variables that must be accounted for when constructing a reasonable pricing structure. These variable costs rise and fall throughout the fiscal year which may cause changes in our pricing structure. Axelrad reserves the right to change our pricing as needed. We will do our best to keep our pricing grids up to date on our contract website, www.axelradco.com. On all prints except Discharge items colored garments require a white underbase. This includes an additional screen and film, as well as an additional color and Flash charge.

Spoilage Terms:

In our business misprints are unavoidable throughout the production process. Axelrad will not be responsible for shortages or spoilage up to 3% for orders of 100 pieces or more and 10% for orders under 100 pieces. Spoilage must be more than 10% of the order for a reprint. We ask that you please keep this in mind when ordering goods for a specific order. It is never a bad idea to order extra pieces. We will be more than happy to remove the cost of misprinted items from the bill but we will not cover the cost associated with reprinting less than 10% of your order. Axelrad is not responsible for any manufacturers’ defects such as discoloration, stitching irregularities or garment imperfections (holes, loose threads, etc.). As a company we strive to produce the highest quality of goods for our customers, therefore we will do our best to inspect each garment as it comes out of the dryer even though such mistakes are inevitable. We highly recommend ordering a 3% spoilage for every size and garment in a given order if an exact number of pieces is required. Dye Migration Disclaimer - Polyester, Nylon, Pigment Dyed, and Dye Sublimated fabric are garments that carry an inherent risk with respect to the printing process. When exposed to extreme heat the dye of the garment will attempt to release from the fabric in order to blend with the ink. This occurrence is inevitable when a garment is improperly dyed and unfortunately it is not possible to tell which garments were properly dyed versus those that are not. Axelrad has no control over dye migration and the customer must accept the risk of dye migration when deciding to sell these specific products. Please provide an additional 4% spoilage per size on orders with Tri-Blend and Pigment Dyed Garments to ensure that your order quantities are met without complications.

Changes to Confirmed Orders:

We would like you to know that once you receive an Order Confirmation your order has been released to our production team. At this point changes cannot be made to your order without incurring processing and/or restocking fees. Changes made to Confirmed Orders can cause disruptions to the flow of production potentially jeopardizing the deadlines of our other orders. Any changes made to your order are subject to review and may be subject to penalties in upwards of 25% of your total order. Additional garments added to a confirmed order will only be accepted when our customers agree to have their production dates pushed back or they agree to a Schedule Holding Fee. Schedule holding fees will start at $25 for orders under 24 pieces. The fee will be assessed and applied in a case-by-case situation depending on the complexity of the order.

Drop Shipping Procedures:

For many of our Contract Clients we offer a sorting service for all drop shipped orders. Our receiving department is responsible for the proper handling of any and all goods shipped to our facility. Any ordering/shipping errors will be subject to review and production holding fees in upwards of $50 may apply.

We expect our Contractors to follow these guidelines:

• To avoid delays and fees all goods must arrive at Axelrad at least 3 business days prior to the production date.
• Orders must be shipped in separate shipments to ensure that the garments are received properly.
• All drop-shipped orders must have a specific purchase order number and your company name listed on the shipping label.
• Orders shipped with extra pieces will print as they were received and invoice adjustments will be made unless specifically stated for spoilage on the order.
• The unnecessary sorting of goods due to improper shipping procedures are both time consuming and costly. Any complications with receiving contract orders due to improper shipping procedures will be charged up to $50 in addition to costs necessary to rectify such issues.


In the case of non Specified garments on a P.o Axelrad reserves the right to add the necessary charges to account specialty printing after approval but before final invoicing Please be aware that any and all unclaimed merchandise will be donated to a worthy cause if they have been in house for 3 months.